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Piano Lessons Are a Great Gift!

Christmas is coming! How does that relate to Piano Lessons? Well, in just one month presents will pile up under your tree. Next, comes January, and storage boxes are basically waiting around for decluttering of last years toys to begin. 

But you can help solve the clutter problem. In addition to gifting a present that takes no space, you also get a child off devices. This, in turn gives a life long creative outlet.

Piano Lessons encourage musical creativity. They also stimulate young minds, and give children a chance to shine at their own pace.

Where are the Lessons?

Choose between learning piano locally in Bedford, PA, or virtually from anywhere. Ages 6+ welcome.

Send me a message today to ask any questions about Piano Lessons you may have.



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Piano Lessons Are a Fantastic Indoor Activity

First, the days are getting colder, and the nights are getting longer. So, your kids are spending more time inside, getting louder!


Secondly, what if you could occupy your kids without screen time? Or, what if they could learn to express themselves creatively using songs and games?


Finally, bring your kids to a fun, interactive piano lesson where they can work off some energy, improve their retention, sharpen their focus and express their creativity.


In addition to all this, you can take a back seat and relax. Bliss! Before you go on to the next thing on your list, drop me your email and ask some questions. Find out why this could be great for you or someone you know.

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My name is Carrie Wickens, and I teach piano lessons in Bedford, PA. Throughout my 19 years of piano teaching experience, I have successfully worked with both children and adults to achieve their dream of learning classical piano. 

Why take Piano Lessons

Maybe your child enjoys listening to music. Or perhaps you have a relative who played when your were young. In addition to these, maybe the piano inspires your child to plonk random notes continuously. Whatever the motivation, we can work together at your own pace to achieve a comfortable pace of learning.

Next Steps

After reading all these reasons above, can you think of someone who fits this description? Then, why not give their dream of playing the piano a chance? Do you have questions? Simply drop me a message in the contact box.


Our Students get through 8-10 songs per week. This variety of music helps kids play confidently and avoid boredom during practice. They often say they how easy piano is! And being easy can make lessons fun!


We jump up and grab quick, 10-second turns at games between songs. This brain break allows young students to achieve amazing results in a short time.


  • music apps
  • printable flashcards
  • printable practice chart
  • tips on how to succeed with lessons


Everyone who speaks a language speaks in rhythm. For instance, we use 3 equal syllables to say the word, “strawberry.”

Learn how to take the universally used power of speech to make rhythm a breeze! 




 Join the many past and present parents who have cultivated a music culture at home!


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