Music and Memorization

Sunday school teachers throughout the world teach Bible memorization to their students in many forms. Games are played, contests are formulated, all so that children can remember and apply what the Bible teaches as they grow into mature adults. Another perhaps less frequent method of teaching Bible memorization is through Bible songs. In the past these have been few and far between, but what child has grown up in Sunday School who has not learned John 3:16 in some form of song? Singing is a wonderful way for children and adults to learn Bible verses and remember them for life.

Well known Bible Songs

“Things is song remembered long,” is what my college professor told us ten years ago in Church Music class.  For example, just thinking about your ABC’s brings a certain tune to mind. I used to count backwards in Math class to the Blast off Sunday School song, “10 and 9, 8 and 7, 6 and 5 and 4 call upon the Saviour while you may. . .”, and I still sing the books of the Bible song in my head while turning to a reference during church (don’t tell my Pastor/Husband!).

 New Bible Songs

The same college professor from above encouraged our class to set scripture to song ourselves in order to teach children Bible verses.  A few years ago I used a pencil to scratch out a few simple Bible verse songs for my children.

The first one was, “Be ye Kind” from Ephesians 4:32. My older children taught this song to my three year old. Much to their dismay, during a recent trip our three year old started breaking into song whenever the big kids start arguing. (Okay, she even sang it for me a couple of times too!) My older children may not appreciate it at the moment, but they are being constantly reminded of Biblical truths.

So, the pencil scratched song has found its way onto my laptop and is slowly being formed into something to share. But until then, maybe you can try your hand at setting a verse to song for your children or other little people in your life. It doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, simple is better as it’s easy to learn.

So, set that Sunday School verse to music this week, and remember, “things in song, remembered long!”

Follow these links to a few of my own Bible Memory Songs:

Romans 15:1-3

Romans 15:3-4

Romans 15:6

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