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“Did you practice the piano this week?” I asked my children, knowing full well that I hadn’t heard much music happening here in our house.

“I can’t remember. I think I did. . . a few days ago.”

It’s not that my kids don’t know they need to practice. I even bought them special piano lesson assignment books which live somewhere beneath the vast supply of lesson books accumulating in our house. (Maybe. I haven’t seen them in a while.)

Getting younger students to practice the piano challenges parents everywhere, and my own children are no exception for sure! So, I’ve put together this piano practice printable for my few students to help them remember. I like to cut the charts out individually and paperclip them onto the song my kids are playing. My six year old likes this better than searching in a notebook for the next available chart. And hey, if it helps, I am willing to meet her halfway!


piano practice printable
piano practice printable

Click the image to save your free My Piano Practice printable to your computer. This printable prints 2 charts on a standard A4 or legal sized paper, so it will easily slide right into a 3 ring binder or small notebook. You can also cut them apart like I do and paperclip them onto your younger student’s book.

Have fun, and happy practicing!

(PS let me know if you would like them tweaked!)



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adobe acrobat reader



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